Colorado Springs Self-Defense Classes

Stay Prepared For Any Real-World Threat With Our Self-Defense Classes

It's no secret that we live in an increasingly dangerous world. And there's nothing more dangerous than being unprepared when violence crosses your path.

That's why we're offering a cutting-edge Self-Defense program at Dictate Tactical Training Center. It's built on simple, effective strategies - not long, drawn-out forms. We're here to help stay safe and face life with complete self-confidence. 

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Self Defense Colorado Springs

Why Is Our Self-Defense Training Right For You?

Because we're getting straight to the point. If you're in a position where you have to defend yourself or your loved ones from danger, you're not going to have time to remember the extensive strategies of traditional martial arts training. You'll need to act with precision and power. 

We're here to make that happen.

Our Self-Defense Classes in Colorado Springs are built around a simple system of tactical training: 10 Concepts. 3 Goals. 3 Options.  

Join us at Dictate Tactical Training Center and learn:

  • Incredible situational awareness
  • Efficient and effective striking skills
  • Defense against weapon attacks, sneak attacks, grabs, chokes, and more.
  • Submission skills to help you stay in control

PLUS, You Can Take On A Total-Body Workout Like Never Before

Our goal in this program is first and foremost to keep you safe in a dangerous situation. But as you learn to defend yourself with improved speed and efficiency, you'll also push your body like traditional fitness programs simply can't. 

The reason?

Our Self-Defense classes aren't designed around pre-determined exercises with static sets and reps. Instead, we keep your body guessing from start to finish, keeping your muscles moving and building dynamic athleticism in the process. And no two classes are the same. 

We're helping men and women all across Colorado Springs: 

  • Burn fat and build total-body strength
  • Develop incredible endurance and cardiovascular health 
  • Improve your speed and agility
  • Maintain motivation week in and week out

Self Defense Colorado Springs

Check It Out Today! Join Us For The Best Self-Defense Classes In Colorado Springs 

Don't get caught off-guard in a dangerous situation. Our Self-Defense Classes at Dictate Tactical Training Center are helping men and women all across Colorado Springs learn how to defend yourself with power and speed and stay safe in the face of violence.

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