Dictate Tactical Training Center Reviews

As a parent, the youth Vee Arnis Jujitsu Colorado classes help my children to be able to protect themselves against an attacker. It has given my boys awareness to watch their surroundings. They learn how to get away and to fend themselves with all scenarios. I also enjoy the exercise in the beginning of the class. They do heavy bag work, battle ropes and kettle bell work. Exercise helps warm them up but is good for the kids nowadays since PE classes have become less important in school. I would recommend these classes for all ages of kids and adults. It's the best classes in Colorado Springs if not Colorado.

Dawn S.

Regardless of your fitness level you will get a phenomenal workout in the Hit kickboxing class! The regulars that attend are incredibly supportive and motivating and the instructors are tough but encouraging. I would recommend these classes to anyone working towards improving their health!

Kaitlin B.

Real self defense with no frills. I feel more confident after just one class! The kick boxing is an amazing work out! If you want to learn real life skills this is the place to go!!

Amber G.

Realistic training, great workout, fun people. What else is there? If you are looking for a self-defense system that works in all situations or just a fitness routine that is guaranteed to take the pounds off, Vee Arnis Jujistu is for you. I've been going for almost 18 months and I've never had the same workout twice.

Adam V.

The best. Period. I've trained in martial arts for over 30 years & learning from Petrone & his system has empowered me tremendously. I highly recommend training with him if you're serious about self defense and conditioning your mind and body to a new level. He is the real deal!

Darin C.

I just joined and I am thrilled! After moving to Colorado Springs and many gym trials I finally found a gym I feel at home at! I look forward to gaining knowledge and pushing myself to the limit!

Dee E.

An amazing system to learn street self defense. I highly recommend this school and instructor.

Bill P.

Gyms are a dime a dozen but its the instructor that makes the difference. Not only is this a top notch gym but the experience and knowledge John Petrone brings to the table is unmatched...

Gabe C.

My girlfriend and I just started but are hooked. John is a excellent instructor and all of our fellow classmates mates are awesome. Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get in shape, learn self defense or learn martial arts

John M.

Today was my first ever work out... Mary stayed by my side and talked me through the entire thing! It was the best experience ever!! I can't wait to go back....if I can move! My 3 boys are also going. Shihan John is very considerate, yet strict with all the kids! I love it!

Halima T.

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