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DICTATE Certification Training

We understand there are some who simply can’t dedicate the time, on a consistent basis, for ongoing training.  For those of you who can’t squeeze it into your schedule, we offer 4-hour User Level Courses on all subjects.

Each month is a different subject.  Close Quarters Hand to Hand Combat, Weapon Deployment/Retention, Car Jackings, Muggings, Edged Weapon Tactics, Improvised Weapons Tactics, Weapon Defense Tactics, and on and on.

Subjects are posted on our Blog Page, and on our social media accounts, about 5 weeks ahead of the course date.  Typically held on either a Saturday or Sunday, there are only 10 slots are available for each course.  This allows for maximum retention through repetition, and a small Instructor to Student Ratio. If you see one that you are interested in sign up right away as they fill up quickly.

*All attendees receive a Tactical Shirt and DICTATE Patches, signifying your successfully completed courses.  Please make sure you choose your shirt size as you register. 

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