DICTATE Level 1 Instructor Course

 in Colorado Springs  - Dictate Tactical Training Center

Level 1 Instructors Course

  • Civilian Martial Arts Instructors:  Add a new revenue stream or update your current self-defense program.
  • Military Combatives Instructors:  Simplify your program by organizing your tactics in an easier format to ensure maximum understanding and retention in a shorter period.
  • Law Enforcement Instructors:  Easily integrate the concepts and goals with your POST Certified Use of Force Continuum and Techniques, raising your officer’s capabilities in a hands-on situation.

Last course was attended by members of US Special Operations, US Army, DEA, Federal Bureau of Prisons, municipal law enforcement, state law enforcement and civilian self defense instructors.  This course promises to be just as diverse and well attended.

Day 1: Impact ad Edged Weapon Tactics

Day 2: Weapon Defense

Day 3: Control Tactics and Self Defense

Day 4: Instructor Training on implementing this new information to your audience.

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