40% Off DICTATE Level 1 Instructor Course Christmas Gift Certificate

 in Colorado Springs  - Dictate Tactical Training Center

March 16-19, 2018

Military Combatives, Law Enforcement Control Tactics Instructors, and Civilian Self-Defense Instructors:

It's time to upgrade your information.  DICTATE is a concept based, and goal orientated, program that can easily be utilized with any program you currently teach.  It can also be taught as a stand alone training course for seminars, in-service annual training, or as a tool to get adults involved in your training location as a new revenue stream.

The last course included military special operator instructors from the Air Force Pararescue, Amry Special Forces, and an Army Infantry Division.  Law Enforcement was also well represented with attendees from the DEA International Instructor Team, the International Law Enforcement Academy in San Salvador, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and local police departments.  Civilian instructors from Wisconsin, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, and Rhode Island also participated. 

Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to get real, proven, street tactics for use by all.

Buy a gift for your loved one at a discounted rate of 40%.  Please go to our registration page and look under "Gift Certificates" to purchase.


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